About IAPS

International Academy of Public Safety (IAPS) is a small business established by seasoned experts with multidisciplinary focus and leadership in Military, Law Enforcement, Fire, Academia, and Rescue Training. We create and deliver mandatory and continuing education programs using Instructional Systems Design (ISD) methodologies with enabled and compliant technologies for effective, interactive, and engaging training with full administration access for Curriculum Management (Training, Testing, Registration, Certification, and Compliance). 

This website provides an overview of our select faculty, offerings, and access to courses we offer in Forensics, Fire and Rescue, and Law Enforcement. A significant number of our technology platforms including Law Enforcement and Homeland courses including Ethical Leadership Development are delivered through www.iapsinc.com and are not listed nor advertised on this website because they contain confidential and privileged information intended for access, use and networked connectivity by agencies and individuals assigned we work with and network with. To learn more about our offerings beyond what is listed on this website please go to www.iapsinc.com or contact customer service at 919.753.1127sbass@iapsinc.com.

Police, Fire, Forensic Training: www.iapsonline.com
Command & Control Solutions / Leadership Training: www.iapsinc.com