Training Videos
In this video, Alex demonstrates wrestling and self- defense techniques used to gain a physical advantage of an adversary. This is a follow up video to "Countering a Surprise Attack."...
In this video, which was shot in part on location at a Holiday Inn, Jennifer demonstrates a logical manner in which a crime scene photographer would record a crime scene and the evidence present...
In this video, Alex demonstrates techniques used to bring a suspect to the ground once he has control.
In part one of a two- part series, Tim discusses some techniques investigators should use when interviewing people at the scene of a collision.
In this video, Eileen describes techniques for collecting DNA to be used as known or control samples from a living subject.
In part one of this four-part series, Tim describes Newton's laws of motion and how they apply to vehicle collisions.
In this video, Alex demonstrates techniques an officer might use to defend himself from a surprise attack by a suspect.
In this part of a series on suicides, Jeff talks about the steps necessary to investigate cases involving the leading method of suicide in the United States: suicide by gunshot.   http...
In this video, Jeff describes the steps a death investigator might take to investigate a homicide death.


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